Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Unidentified object

Yesterday we arrived at school to find that an unidentifiable object had landed on our school field.
What was it? Where had it come from?
An 'emergency' assembly was called for and we listened to a news report on the local radio.
We heard that Mr Graham had "made the area safe" and he thought it was ok for us to take a closer look.

We spotted dome clues to try and help solve the mystery as to where this 'thing' had come from. There was a camera, compass, burnt circles on the ground,fresh earth and holes in the field burnt branches from nearby trees. This led us to thinking what it might be and where it might have come from......
Some children thought that it must have come from out of space whilst others thought it had broken off a helicopter and lost its propellers. Other children thought it was part of an aeroplane.
Miss Yates called for the fire brigade and ambulance to come and assist in this mystery. We needed to check that the area was safe and that nobody was hurt.

Mr Hough had a phone call from the BBC who wanted him to come and investigate and film the event...

The brave men went inside to check the 'thing'.

What did they find?
A camera.....

A strange rock.....

An old tyre and a computer....
There were no casualties and the area was deemed safe. Phew!
We then heard that there were some people had seen and heard things in the night that might explain a bit more about the object and where it had come from. We listened to their eye witness accounts.
Jamie had heard noises and seen strange lights in the sky...
Mrs Good was up feeding baby Eden and saw an orange glow over the field...
Mrs Harrison was woken up by Rodney the dog barking and saw strange lights and heard a funny beeping noise....
Mr Hough saw a light and heard birds flying over the field when they should have been roosting.....( Mrs Hough must have slept through it!). 
We asked them questions to find more information.

We then went outside to take a closer look at the emergency vehicles and went inside to see what was  inside. It was very interesting.

This has led us on the start to our new whole school topic which is rescuers. We are starting with People who help us and have already started changing our role play area into a fire engine! We are on fire with excitement!!


  1. Brilliant !! How exciting , I loved mr houghs news report

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