Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Minibeast fun

To end our topic on Minibeasts, we had a lovely time outside playing Minibeast -  themed games whilst dressed as minibeasts! We have been busy making our masks/hats, using papier mache and then decorated them as our favourite mini beast.

We enjoyed playing 'spider, spider, fly', where the children all sit in a circle and one person is the spider and walks around the outside of the circle, tapping each child on the head saying "spider, spider, spider"...until one is tapped with 'fly'! The race then begins as the spider chases the fly and tries to catch it before it has managed to get back to its space in the circle. 

Mrs Hough wasn't as quick as the children (or Mr Denniss for that matter!) but we all had lots of fun!

We then played the game based on '4 corners' where there are 4 pictures of different minibeasts and the children select one and stand next to that one. The caller ( who can't see where the children are standing) then calls out a Minibeast and those children who are standing by the named Minibeast are out. The game continues and the winner is the last person in the game. 

We then came inside and enjoyed a little Minibeast snack whilst listening to the music ' The ugly bug ball'. Yummy butterfly  and ladybird cakes, bee biscuits and hungry caterpillar grapes....


  1. What a fun afternoon! I remember playing one of the games when I was younger but was called "duck duck goose" :)

  2. You look you all had so much fun! Well done Cherry class! :)