Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Minibeast habitats

We have begun to explore Minibeasts and began by talking about the different types of Minibeasts we know. We then talked about where we might find these different Minibeasts. The children come up with some great ideas and off we went to explore to see if we could find any.
We ventured to the pond and what a surprise! There were hundreds of tadpoles and pond skaters, whirligig beetles and water fleas. We lay on our tummies so that we could look safely into the pond.

 We then went for a walk around the school field and playground to see what else we could find.

We really enjoyed finding a whole range of different Minibeasts. There were spiders, ladybirds, snails, worms, Woodlice, millipedes, ants, and beetles.  

Friday, 16 March 2018

Reading cafe

Yesterday, we held our Reading Cafe. 
We began the afternoon by sharing the story of Jaspers Beanstalk.

We then set to work planting our own broad beans. 

We then decorated our own card castles.

These were added to our pots. 
We will look after our beans and help them to grow. The aim is to grow then up to and beyond our castle.

We also enjoyed some other Jack and the beanstalk themed activities including playdough, dusting stories and playing games.

A big thank you to the helpers who offered to have other children in their group too.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

World book day celebrations

We really enjoyed dressing up as some of our favourite characters from our favourite books. We shared our costumes and talked about the different characters we had come dressed as.

Mrs Hough, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Snowdon dressed up as some of the characters from 'The tiger who came to tea'. 
Mrs Hough came as Sophie, the little girl.

Mrs Snodon came dressed as Sophie's Mummy.

And Mrs Harrison came as the tiger!

We enjoyed listening to the story and remembered parts of it as we had recently been to watch it at the theatre. We then enjoyed a range of tiger themed activities:

Tiger masks

Making stripy tiger collage pictures:

Making playdough stripy tigers:

We enjoyed listening to the story of 'The tiger who came to tea' on the listening centre:

And of course, we enjoyed reading, sharing and listening to a whole range of stories and books.

Miss Yates came to read a story to us too. She was dressed as Supertato and she read the book to us. 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Today brought great excitement as snow had fallen and the blanket of white had to be explored! We took our maths learning outside and had fun with our positional language going down the hill on the sledge then dragging it back up to the top of the mound again!

And then we raced to see who would be first or second. 

We made snowballs and snowmen, talking about the size of the balls and head and body of the snowmen. We added carrot noses and buttons and stick arms which reinforced our super counting and great mathematical vocabulary to compare sizes.

And we explored different patterns and sizes of footprints... Aha, oh no, footprints in the snow. Whose are these footprints and where to they go??!

The snow started to melt quickly. This led onto some good scientific discussion about why it was melting. We then came inside and got dried and warm and shared hot chocolate, fruit and hot buttered toast...

What a lovely day. Too good not to explore the weather whilst it was here! ☃🌨☃❄️