Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thorpe Woodlands

We had a brilliant school trip to Thorpe Woodlands activity centre this week.
We took part in 4 different activities throughout the day.
The low ropes (with Mrs Hough and Mrs Verrell) involved a series of rope activities where children had to climb, balance, swing and problem solve to get from one activity to the other.

Miss Yates and Mrs Harrison's group involved some good problem solving skills to make the big Kings see-saw balance and how to get through the Spiders web without touching the web. 

Other activities involved Den building with Mrs Sait and Mrs Hills and story time in the cave with Miss Grant.
We all enjoyed a picnic lunch together and managed to avoid the rain during this time.

We had a super day. A special thank you to our super parent helpers and yo Mr Edmonds who allowed us to use the centre free of charge for the day. What a super treat. We had a super day. 

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  1. Wow what a fun day! My Cherrie was so excited to tell me all the things she had been doing :)