Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fly little butterfly!

The last butterfly emerged from the chrysalis on Saturday. 
Today the children at school got to see for themselves the last stage in the life cycle.

We looked at the empty chrysalis's and looked at how thin, light and delicate they were.
We then looked at the beautiful painted lady butterfly and admired it's beautiful patterns.

We decided that it was time to release this lovely Minibeast and headed out in the early morning sun to do so.
It didn't want to fly out of the net so Mrs Hough gave it a helping hand!

Some of us got the chance to look at it close up. We noticed its furry body and silky wings. Some of us even saw its eyes!!
And then, quick as a flash, the butterfly took off and we waved it goodbye as it flew across the field. Just wonderful!

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