Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pond dipping

We have really enjoyed finding out about a whole range of different minibeasts out and about in our outside area but we were really keen to find which minibeasts live in and around water. We therefore went to our school pond to investigate and see what we could find....

The lovely sunny weather we had been hoping for didn't happen but a little light drizzle didn't put us off! We put on our welly boots and waterproofs and took our nets to see what we could find! 
Mrs Pilsbury-Gaunt told us the safety rules and we all listened carefully and followed the rules. We lay down on our tummys and looked and fished to see what we could find.

Despite only managing to find pond skaters and a fish, the children loved the experience. Our pond has a bit of a leak and so had just been refilled and we wonder if this had anything to do with the lack of wildlife? 

We talked about other minibeasts that live in water and linked this into our week on frogs. We enjoyed looking at the life cycle of frogs and made our own life cycles in class. 

But where does the cycle begin? Frog or frogspawn? This led to an interesting debate with my lovely 4/5 year olds..... 

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  1. I heard all about them laying on their tummies looking in the pond :)