Tuesday, 5 May 2015


We have enjoyed hunting for and finding out about spiders. 
We found out that all spiders have 8 legs and that if they loose one, they will grow another one back! We also found out that spiders can have 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 12 eyes. Most spiders have 8!
We listened to the story of The very busy spider and this then led us into acting out the story in various different ways. Here Lewin and Grace are spinning the web just like the very busy spider did. 
It's hard work spinning a web. 

We used glue and glitter to create our own spider webs and tried to follow the pattern the spider would make when spinning her web.
We have been finding all different mini beasts outside and then using our role play area to investigate and find out more about them using the magnifying glasses and information books there.
What budding scientists we have...
There were some frightening mini beasts that we came across and so we have to use all the resources we could to build safe carriers for them to stay in.

And telescopes for looking into space with!

And when we are not busy scientists, we are busy cooking all manner of treats in the mud kitchen..

Thank you children for our lovely morning coffee -actually they served Mrs Harrison wine!!

And here we are working together using the stepping stones pretending to be frogs... 
And how creative are we to make our own Indiana Jones costumes?! We then asked our film maker Eleanor to video our story. due to be released sometime soon......

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