Saturday, 23 May 2015

Minibeast party

The children decided that we should have a class party and that we did!
They went about making paper chains, posters, piñata and cakes! We even played Minibeast musical bumps outside!

Making mini beast headbands after listening to 'The very ugly bug' story.

Here we are having fun with the piñata. The children decided we needed sweets to fill the insides(nice try!) but we didn't have enough. They then found some sparkly treasures.It was hard to break though!

The piñata was very difficult to break but the last person managed to knock it off.....Mrs Hough!!!

What a lovely way to spend our last afternoon before a very we'll deserved break. 

Thank you to you clever party planners. I can't wait for the end of term celebrations....well, actually I can. I want to enjoy every day we have left... Your children are amazing.

Happy holidays everyone.

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