Monday, 11 May 2015

Butterfly visitors

Today we were lucky to have Gabriella's Mummy and Grandad visit us. They came to tell us all about butterflies, moths and caterpillars. 
We found out about some different types of butterflies and moths.
Here we are looking at some moth chrysalis's. 

We looked at some photos of the lovely butterflies we are in the process of hatching in class. They are painted lady butterflies. Gabby's Grandad thinks it will happen in a couple of days time!! 

Gabby's Grandad has given us some orange tip butterfly eggs so that we can watch them hatch into caterpillars and then build their chrysalis before finally emerging as butterflies. We are very excited about this.
Here we are looking at the tiny orange eggs. We can hardly see them.

We are excited about the moth chrysalis's we have been given by Gabby's Grandad. We will keep you posted on all caterpillar/moth and butterfly action!!

Thanks again to our lovely visitors. Having real life experiences make things so much more meaningful for the children. Do let me know if we have any other Minibeast experts!!

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