Thursday, 1 June 2017

Our new classroom

We were lucky enough to be allowed onto the 'building site' and view our new mobile classroom.
We put on our high visibility jackets and went to view for ourselves what was going to be our new room for the next couple of months. 

We listened carefully to our 'safety' briefing before we could enter the site. There were still jobs to be done to make it completely safe and a ready so that we could 'move in'!

We had lots of adults to help guide and keep us safe and they were all just as excited to see what was inside!

Once inside we found a big, empty space. Where were our toys? Where were our things? Mrs Hough reminded us that during the holidays, the removal people would move all the boxes that now filled our 'old' classroom. She told us that when the children came back from their break, that the classroom would be ready and have all the toys and things from our old room.

What's this? A big tv?! It's our new interactive whiteboard!

It was very exciting to see our new space.

A room with a view?! A sneaky look to our outside area, which we couldn't access due to building work still going on outside.
We then sat on our new carpet and listened to Miss Yates and Mrs Houghbexolain a little more about our new room. Paul, the builder in charge, was there too. We could ask him questions and we had a lot to ask!
How did they put the floor in?
How did they put the roof on?
How did they make the big interactive whiteboard?
Where are our toys? 

We then wanted to see the cloakroom and visit our new toilets. We are going to share a cloakroom with Willow class and toilets too. The toilets are different to the ones we have at the moment. There are 3 seperations ones, each with a 'full' door and sink and hand dryer. 

Once the toilet inspection was complete, it was time to leave our new room and head back to our 'old' packed up room......

News update.....
Mrs Hough and Mrs Harrison and Miss Yates spent the day on Thursday unpacking and getting the new Cherry class ready. It took all day and still the job isn't finished. Mrs Hough is back there today to finish .........

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