Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bressingham Steam Museum

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Bressingham steam museum. We wanted to find out about how trains used to work. We found out that trains used to use steam to make them move. 
As part of the museum, Bressingham still have working steam trains and we were able t go on them!
We went on the Fen line train first.

We had to wait on the platform for the drivers to check the brakes.

Then we boarded the train and off we went.

It was a long ride around the garden centre and fields around. We had to stop s couple of times and the driver sounded the whistle to warn other trains that he was on the track. 
We then had a ride on the gallopers, which too are operated using steam.

They were great fun!
We looked in the old locomotive shed and were able to look at some old engines. We were even allowed to go inside one and fit where the driver would have sat. We saw where they would have put the coal, to make the fire which helped make the steam yo power the train. It was dark inside there.
It started to rain a little and so, we had an indoor picnic.
After lunch, we had a tide on the garden line. This was a little train and we were had to spot teddy bears on our way. The most teddy bears spotted was 22!

We watched as the engine had to be moved so that it was facing the right way!

Afterwards, we went inside the other part of the locomotive shed and saw some old steam trains, including the Royal train which was ridden on by the Queen herself. This train was like a house because it had different rooms including a bathroom, living room and a bedroom!

Then it was time to visit the Exhibition hall.
We saw an old fire engine and enjoyed sitting on this and ringing the bell!

It didn't have the same equipment as fire engines have today and we didn't think it could go as fast!
We also saw old vehicles including old cars, coach, dustbin lorry and then old trains used to sort the mail.

We loved the miniature railway too.

Now we will use what we have found out to look at the station in East Harling and find out why we had a train station and what it was used for.
We will make models of steam trains and remind ourselves how the trains work using steam.

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