Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Today we have been finding out just how important our bees are to us. 
We found out that bees collect both nectar and pollen from flowers. The nectar is sucked out of flowers and taken back to the hive where it is turned into honey. Bees will also collect pollen, an essential part of the bee diet, and will transported back to the hive on the bees hind legs. A single bee can carry about half her body weight in pollen. Wow! During this process, the bee will go from one flower to the Nextel therefore pollinating the plants as they do so. This was explained to the children as making new seeds, therefore new flowers.
We acted out being bees and pollinating plants using cheesy puff crisps!! Here we are pollinating plants!!

We did the 'waggle dance' as we did so....

We learnt a lot about how important bees are and how they help to make new flowers. 

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