Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hatching day!

Today we were very egg-cited. One of our chicks had hatched earlier this morning!! 

The children have been full of great excitement and have spent the day watching our new chick as it dried out and moved around the incubator. 

We used magnifying glasses to get a better look and so that we could see the cracks that had appeared in 2 more of our eggs.

We drew pictures as we sat and watched the activity. We also read and found out about what the chicks in the egg look like now and how they will hatch.

And the children thought of names to call our chick. The fairest way was for those children who wanted to, to write a chosen name onto a piece of paper and then to put all the names in a box. We then pulled out a name and chick 1 is now Christened 'Chick chick'. Very fitting!
After the children went home, I moved Chick Chick into his/her new home. Trying to find out the sex of chicks is a very difficult job and usually one you find out at about week 12 ( unless you are an expert- which I am not!). 
Goodnight Chick Chick. We hope to have some fluffy friends to keep you company tomorrow!! 

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  1. This little chick is so noisy that I can hear him from my classroom! I think that Sycamore class may have to come and have a little peep.
    Mrs Sergeant