Saturday, 22 April 2017

Look who's back!

This week, we welcomed back the chicks we hatched just before we broke up for the Easter holidays.
They have a new home with one of the children from Cherry class, but came back to visit earlier this week and stayed for a sleepover!
We couldn't believe how much they had grown! They were quite tricky to handle because they were now so strong. The children couldn't physically hold them by themselves but they were able to stroke them and feel ,and look at, their big feet!

We looked at their wings and how the tiny feathers were growing there.

The 'cute' fluffy chicks have changed so much. The children noticed that you can also see the start of the chickens comb on the top of its head.
They are now 3 weeks old and we await to find out if they are girls and boys. This will be noticeable between 12-16 weeks. If they are hens, then at around this time, they too will start laying. If they are cockerals then they will show themselves by making lots of noise and possibly by fighting if there's another cockeral about.......
We have used this real life experience to look at the life cycle of the hen. And so, if there is a hen and a cockeral is running with her, chances are there could be more baby chicks yo follow!

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