Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Egg day

DMrs Hough showed us a special machine. What was it? What did it do? There was a lot of excitement and curiosity over it! Some children thought it made milkshakes whilst others thought it was a popcorn maker of even a coffee machine!! 
I then took out the flat part inside and one child guessed it was for eggs because of the shapes of the holes, saying they were "oval". 
This was indeed correct. Our new machine was for eggs and I then went onto explain that it is called an incubator and that it is a bit like a robot because it acts like a Mummy hen because we don't have one of those to look after these eggs. We then talked about what the Mummy hen would do - sit on her eggs and keep them warm. I also told them that when the Mummy gets off her eggs,from time to time, to go to the toilet of have some food, etc, that the eggs would move slightly. Our incubator does the same. It's hard to miss too as the machine makes a noise. We have got into a habit of hearing this and saying " the eggs are on the move"!! 
Mrs Hough had programmed the incubator to make sure everything was right and got the temperature to the correct number. The children felt the outside of the incubator and said that it felt "warm". 
Next it was time to 'set the eggs'. There were 25 to choose from but only enough room for 7 in our incubator. Hard to select children to set the eggs but we have learnt ( and are still learning) that we can't always be chosen to do everything and that Mrs Hough and Mrs Harrison are fair so if they weren't chosen for one thing then they are chosen for the next. A good life skill to learn at an early age ( though I wish there was enough space and eggs for all children to have done this). 

And here goes.....
Egg 1

Egg 2

Egg 3

Egg 4

Egg 5

Egg 6

And finally, egg 7

Lid on and now the incubation period begins. 21 days and counting..... Very egg-citing!! 

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