Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Pancake day! Hurray!
The children came into school with great excitement this morning announcing "it's pancake day"! 
We start the day reading the story of 'Mr Wolfs pancake' and enjoy that.

We used the book to talk about recipes and ingredients needed to make a pancake. 
We used the recipe on the CBEEBIES site and followed this to make our pancake batter. We had to weigh the flour and make sure it balanced with the weight (200g). We then measured the milk in our little jug. We needed 400ml but our jug only went up to 250ml. We had a problem to solve. If we measured 200 ml how much more would we need? I explained to the children that we know that 2+2 is 4, therefore 200+200 is 400.
We added the other ingredients( egg and oil) and whisked them together. Our batter was ready to be turned into pancakes!
Mrs Harrison was the cook whilst Mrs Hough and some children from Cherry class made more batter!

When the pancakes were ready the children enjoyed sitting in the house and eating their yummy pancakes. We had traditional lemon and sugar topping. Yum!

The children enjoyed having a go at tossing a pancake in our outside area. It was harder than it looked but great fun! 

Time for real pancake races in the afternoon with Mrs Verrell.

What fun we've had....

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