Sunday, 26 February 2017

After the storm

We arrived at school on Friday to find that storm Doris had caused some damage and mess to our outside area.
What better start to the morning then to read the story 'After the storm' and talk about our experiences of walking home in the storm and what it was like. 

In the story, the storm has blown over a big oak tree, home to lots of the forest animals. Percy sets to work organising the animals in working together to clear up after the storm and helping in finding/making new homes for them all.
Cherry class were very much like the animals in the story. We all got our Wellington boots and coats on
and headed outside to assess and clear up the damage. 
We had toys which had blown away.

Twigs blown in which needed sweeping and collecting.
The wooden house had blown over and the chimney had broken off.
Oh no, this was going to take some strong ladies to stand it back up. How strong the wind is to have knocked this over.

More twigs and leaves to be swept and collected.

One house standing, now the chimney needs repairing....

Loading up the wheelbarrow again.

Pots all sorted and on shelves, house standing again and all the toys and resources now back in place. It's hard to believe there ever was a storm.

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