Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Dragons egg

The children have been showing a great interest in eggs. Then, dragons were a big hit, after finding out about the animals in the Chinese New Year story. How could we combine these two egg-citing interests into some of our child led planning? Well, we did! Last week we had a very important delivery. We were given a box, addressed to the children in Cherry class and labelled 'fragile'.
We talked about what 'fragile' meant and came up with other words which mean the same. 
We also had a special visitor, Miss Garrod. Miss Garrod was a pupil at East Harling a long time ago and started out in Cherry class (Otherwise known as Reception) with a teacher called Miss Small ( now known as Mrs Hough!). Miss Garrod is now a reception teacher herself!! 😀
We opened the box and discovered a giant egg!

There was a letter attached to the box. We decided to open it and find out about our important delivery.
The letter was from Mummy and Daddy dragon and they were asking for our help! Their nest was broken and they needed us to make a new nest to help protect the egg and keep it safe whilst they re-built their own nest. 
The children set to work. We had to think about what the egg needed - to be kept warm and safe- and then collected the things they thought would be good nest materials. They found sticks, wool,leaves, feathers, moss.. Each item was thought about and an explanation as to why it should go into the nest was given. "It's warm"; "it's soft"; "cosy"; "velvety"; "strong"..... Great reasons to be added to the nest.
It was decided that a fence was needed to protect the egg from danger. The children set to work building one.

And then a sign was made to warn people about our important egg.
(Watch out from the egg because it's not hatched yet😀). 
The Mummy dragon also sent us some pretend baby dragon eggs for us to turn into dragons of our own..
. What did they need? Shiny scales, long tail, fire breathing mouths.

Joshua left behind his dragon that he'd brought to school that morning.... That was lucky! We could use this to look at the different features we needed to add to our dragons!! 
Hope the dragons have been behaving over the holidays!!!

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