Thursday, 17 March 2016

We're going on a Gruffalo Childs hunt!

This week, in the run up to our exciting theatre trip to see 'A Gruffalos child', we have been thinking lots about the Gruffalo and The Gruffalos child. 
On Tuesday we went on a very important hunt to find the Gruffalos child. The hunt took us across the bark area, "crunch, crunch", through the willow tunnel"whoo, whoo", over the hill "stomp, stomp", past the pond " splash, splash", through the trees "swishy, swishy", through the tunnel" whoosh, whoosh"! After a lovely time outside exploring our surroundings, we found him! He was hiding in the bushes in the Nest ( our lovely outdoor classroom). And there, waiting for us, was a story of The Gruffalos child, all ready for us to share and enjoy.

We're not going on a Gruffalo hunt again!!!!!

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