Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Egg-citing times!!

I arrived in school as early as I could ( 7.25 to be precise!) to find that Dave had 3 other siblings and another on its way. Chick 5's beak was visible and in the time I went out to greet the children, he had appeared!! Wow!! AlÅ‚ day we have waited and watched for chick number 6 to appear and despite a small crack, not much more has happened. Advice is not to open the incubator until all possible hatchlings have appeared but as it looked a little cramped we sought some egg- spert advice from the one and only Mr Hough ( who's field spans working for the RSPB  and filming/ working with a range of birds across the globe) who said it was ok and probably a good idea to transport our little chicks to their new home. Oh my goodness, what lovely little chicks we have!!! If only we didn't have a staff meeting to attend, Miss G and I could have sat and cuddled them for hours!!! 
So, lesson 1, the art of eating and drinking was taught- a dip of a little beak in water and then in chick crumbs and hey presto, independent feeders!!!! 

Night night little ones......


  1. Rosie has been very excited about the chicks.
    If only weaning was as quick and easy for humans lol

    1. I know, it's all so amazing how quickly they do things isn't it? I guess because they only have a relatively short life span that they have to just get on with it all!!