Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter egg hunt

Yesterday we combined our maths, speaking and listening and personal, social and emotional development skills by having fun on our Easter egg hunt! We took with us the baskets we had carefully weaved to help deliver food to Red Riding Hood's Granny a couple of weeks before. Lucky that!!!

We had a range of clues to listen carefully to in order to work out where we had to go on our trail. The children were told that they must only take 1 treat each time and were great at following this rule.
Clue number 1 led us to the nest ( our super outdoor classroom).

Luke number 2 led us to the mound...

Next clue led us to the pond where we found a sigh 'No eggs here' ,oh dear!

Clue number 4 led us yo the junior trim trail....

And then next the train...

And our last clue leads us back to our classroom...

We had great fun because we listened to the rules and sick by them. You all deserve your Easter treats.


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  2. Looks like everyone had a great time , Happy Easter Cherries x

    1. We had great fun listening to clues about where the treats were hidden and then ultimately finding them all!!