Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn walk

Today we talked about the seasons and found out about what happens during autumn. We then went on an autumn walk around the school grounds. What beautiful colours we saw! The children loved exploring what we find during autumn and were keen to collect leaves, conkers, berries and apples....and jump on mole hills!! We took time to listen to the sounds around us and realised that we had to be quiet if we were to hear anything! 
Erin spots some berries and shows them to India.
The children were surprised at how few leaves some trees had.

The children loved showing us the lovely things they found.
Lovely leaves....

And conkers.....

And apples....

And more leaves!!

We enjoyed visiting The nest, our new outdoor learning space, and we sat on the tree stumps and enjoyed the beauty of autumn using a range of senses.


  1. It looks like all the Cherries had a lovely walk and enjoyed collecting leaves and other autumn goodies. Their smiley faces are great to see!!

  2. Treasures of beautiful autumn. Kids are great! Many different ideas! Lovely observers!