Sunday, 25 October 2015

The end of a very busy half term.....

This week has been delight in watching the children use and apply the new skills they have learnt.
In phonics we have spent our week using the sounds we have learnt so far by blending these to read simple words. We especially enjoyed our funny phonics pirate game in doing so.

Funky fingers is an exciting part of everyday life in Cherry class now and the children really are developing those fine motor skills through a range of fun activities. Here are some.
Dough gym is a favourite weekly activity.

Putting chocolate cubes into the chocolate box using tweezers only!

Using 'Pog' cards and a dice to turn over a matching number of cards, one at a time.

Adding coloured Cheerios onto the octopus body one at a time.

Lacing dinosaurs...

The children have also had fun exploring our new exciting adventure playground activities, although we did have a couple of children who didn't want to go on and opted for other play activities on the playground.

Have a lovely half term my little cherries........

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