Sunday, 15 November 2015

Making cakes is easy peasy using an egg as our weight!

Today I introduced the children how to make cakes using an egg as the weight. 
It doesn't matter what order you add your ingredients except that you have to leave the egg until the very end for obvious reasons!!
So, the first important thing the children need to know is what 'balanced' means. We want both pans on the balance to be the same. The children show me that they understand by showing how their hands are balanced.

Weigh the it balanced?

Then the flour.... Sifted or not it still works (although we talked about what sifting flour does!)

Then the butter....

And then the egg!

Mix all the ingredients together and then put the mixture in your paper cases and bake for about 12 minutes.

Leave to cool and the ice them.

Some children went into making cakes all by themselves! Honestly they really did!

And so , proof of the pudding is that 4/5 year olds can make cakes independently!

Invest in some balances and try it at home. It really works. I love it!!


  1. Oh Mrs Hough, you and Cherries need to teach me! I see lots of baking and cooking happening this year :D

  2. I'm gonna get some of them scales so it will improve all our baking!!