Friday, 16 October 2015

Sponsored bounce

Today the children enjoyed our Sponsored bounce event. They bounced their little socks off in one whole minute of bouncing time! We'll done to all the little cherries and their sponsors for supporting this event.
This week we have been learning about long and short and have investigated this concept through lots of practical activities.
Stuart sorted the snakes in order of size. 
James and Henry enjoyed using the play dough to at first make different length snakes and then to make a cake with long icing piped around the edge! Yum!
Henry and India found a very long piece of wool and used it to make a bridge which they then played 'limbo' with!
Phoebe helped to find a way to attach the wool because it kept falling down.

See our handprints hanging up above Henry? We used these to find objects longer and shorter than them.
Noah found a pencil longer than his hand and a bead which was a lot shorter than it.
George made a very long necklace using the beads.

We have enjoyed using our long plastic pipes to explore ramps and have adapted the ways they were put together so that the cars could travel down.

We've loved dressing up.

And have spent lots of time writing and drawing for different purposes.

And we just love using the big paintbrushes to paint with and to wash the windows!!

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  1. It's so lovely to be a 'fly on the wall' in your classroom and get an insight into what goes on. I get very little information from my Cherry - just snippets of information - so it's great to see them in action and to discuss the blog together!