Friday, 14 October 2016

Reading cafe

Our first reading cafe of the school year was held today.
The focus was on how we teach phonics in EYFS Reception class. We began by showing our Mummy's, Daddy's, Grandma's and Grandad's how we learn our new sounds. We introduced them to our phonics friend Fred the frog!

We showed our visitors how we use 'My turn', 'your turn'and 'turn to your partner to reinforce oral sounding out of sounds and then how to segment the sounds e.g. "C , a, t" before blending them and pushing them back together to make the whole word "cat".
There were then a series of activities which the children and their guests could take part in which we use in class to reinforce our phonics and early literacy skills.
Fishing for phonics.
What sounds can you catch? Can you find them on your own board?
Did you get a good catch?!

What sound did you catch?
Feeding Fred - Fred only talks in sounds, so you have to feed Fred the cards by saying the sounds you see e.g. C, a, t'.

Playdough fun- making our letter shapes by rolling flat and pressing the shapes on or using our hands to make sausages.

Using sound cubes to find the sounds to match the word and then joining them together to make the whole word.

Wring our sounds in a variety of ways. 
Using whiteboards.

Using sand trays or glitter trays.
On chalk boards.

Tracing sound cards.
And word cards.

Marble run sounds.
Sound puzzles.

And sharing sound books and stories....

We hope you all had fun and that you learnt a little bit more about how we tach phonics in Reception.

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