Sunday, 2 October 2016

Funky fingers

The children have really responded well to coming in and sorting themselves out and going straight to find their 'Funky fingers' job of the day.
Here are the activities we have on the go this week:

Pasta pots - using tweezers to transfer 1 piece of pasta from one pot to the other.

Sound buttons - adding 1 button at a time to accurately form the sounds we have learnt so far.

Peg-a-Saurus - adding 1 peg at a time to the dinosaur's back.

Cutting straight lines - holding scissors carefully and accurately and using to follow the dotted lines.

Cheerio threading - threading individual Cheerios to make a necklace.

This week we have carefully observed our faces and facial features, looking at size, colour and shape. The children have added these onto their blank faces, carefully selecting the right colour paint and size paintbrush.

I have introduced Beebot - a programmable toy- to help guide us to our Numicon cards on the carpet. The children have loved this.

We have enjoyed continuing exploring Numicon to print.

And using the playdough to explore the different shapes.

We have been working really hard to move up our reward ladders and this week we have had our first 'winners'. Here's what lies in store - a prize from the shiny silver box!

And just look how beautifully we can sit and give Mrs Hough 5 every time! 
1. Legs crossed
2. Hands still
3. Ears listening
4. Mouth closed
5. Eyes looking....... Well very nearly !!!

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  1. I really like your 5 golden rules, and it looks at though you are working hard to follow them. Well done Cherry class!