Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Today brought great excitement as snow had fallen and the blanket of white had to be explored! We took our maths learning outside and had fun with our positional language going down the hill on the sledge then dragging it back up to the top of the mound again!

And then we raced to see who would be first or second. 

We made snowballs and snowmen, talking about the size of the balls and head and body of the snowmen. We added carrot noses and buttons and stick arms which reinforced our super counting and great mathematical vocabulary to compare sizes.

And we explored different patterns and sizes of footprints... Aha, oh no, footprints in the snow. Whose are these footprints and where to they go??!

The snow started to melt quickly. This led onto some good scientific discussion about why it was melting. We then came inside and got dried and warm and shared hot chocolate, fruit and hot buttered toast...

What a lovely day. Too good not to explore the weather whilst it was here! ☃🌨☃❄️

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