Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mr Cooper comes to play....

On Friday, Cherry class had a visit from Mr Cooper. He came to cover Mrs Hough who was visiting the new children at their pre school settings. 
We had a very important job to do. Making cakes and biscuits for Toffee bear's birthday party. 
The children were very good at showing Mr Cooper how we use a egg as the weight when making cakes.
Come on Mr C, we can put our aprons on all by ourselves!!
Well done!

The we made biscuits, using the Numicon as weights.

Mr Cooper was very impressed with our use and knowledge of Numicon and our brilliant mathematical vocabulary.

You may have heard that the children had a French chef- that was just Mr C trying to be funny! You may also have heard that Mrs Hough had a lay-in on Friday morning?! That too was Mr Cooper and his funny sense of humour!!! 
On a serious note, the children had a lovely morning with Mr Cooper😉


  1. Haha I did get told you was in bed sleeping so Cherry Class had Mr Cooper

  2. You really did get him cooking!!! I'm impressed! Well done Mr C and the Cherries!! :)