Sunday, 17 April 2016

Mud, mud, glorious mud!!

Having begun our new topic on minibeasts, we want our joint Reception display to be about minibeasts and where we find them.
We started work on the 'background' thinking about where we would find minibeasts, starting at the ground ( or below in fact!) and working upwards.
To make the soil what better way than to take off our shoes and our socks and walk in it, printing 'real' mud onto the paper! The children really enjoyed this fabulous sensory experience! The photos clearly show what fun they had!

And of course, we gave our hands and feet a good wash afterwards!

I wonder what other sensory art work we can come up with for the rest of the display????!!!

And for those who didn't want to get their feet dirty, they still had lots of fun digging and exploring to find out what minibeasts they could find... Oh, and looking at what happens when we add water to the soil!! 

Collecting minibeasts and using our minibeast spotter guides to identify what we have found.

1 comment:

  1. The kiddies love messy play :)
    Rosie thought it was great getting muddy at school.