Friday, 5 February 2016

A trip to the South Pole

This week we had a visitor from the South Pole. A little furry, black, yellow and white animal knocked on our door and we were very surprised to find a penguin had ended up in our school! He looked sad and we thought about why this could be and decided he was lost and was missing his family. We packed a suitcase full of things a little penguin might need for a long, dangerous trip back home to the South Pole and then got in our rowing boats and helped to row the boat all the way to taking the little penguin all the way back home.

And we made it! It was cold when we got there. We walked around as little penguins and huddled together to try to get warm. The ones in the middle were the warmest! 
Penguins have been a big focus in all areas of learning this week. In maths we have been exploring measures and in particular have focussed on sizes.We had a life sized picture of a penguin and measured ourselves against it to see if we were taller of shorter than an emperor penguin. 

We used non standard units to measure pictures of penguins.

And then we looked for ways to record our findings.

This week we drew our parent names out of our 'Royal' hat. The children made drum roll noises with their hands and voices, as we do in Friday morning celebration assembly.

Today we had the digital leaders from Rowan class ( year 2) come in and help us to play BeeBot on the  iPad.



  1. Rosie told me a lost penguin had knocked on the door :) fun week

    1. At least we found where it had come from and we took it back home!😀