Monday, 13 July 2015

Toffee bear's birthday party

What an exciting atmosphere we have had in class today! And all because our beloved class bear has had a birthday. 5 again!
The day started with opening cards and presents made by the children.
New pyjamas! What more does a bear need?!
Oh shoes, of course, a bear needs shoes too! Thank you Grace. Toffee will wear those to his party later.

A lovely party hat made with love from Eddie.

And a teddy made by hand from Joshua.
And a mobile phone!

And then the cards came flooding in!

And here is a bubble bath made by Frances. How lovely.
We brought in our teddy bears from home and made labels with their names on.

We set about making honey sandwiches and decorating teddy biscuits made last Friday.

After lunch Mrs Harrison and Mrs Charlton helped to set up the hall ready for us to have the party!

Mrs Harrison made Toffee a lovely cake.

The party games began.....
Musical statues to 'Frozen' with our bears as our dancing partners!

We then played Pass the parcel.

And Oliver won for the boys, Caron for the girls..

We then had a go with ' The Hokey Cokey'.

And had hugs with Toffee bear.

Then it was time for party food....

Toffee gave some little cakes to the teachers and all the helpers.
We then sang Happy birthday to Toffee ( and Milly!) 
What a lovely party!
Same again next year?

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  1. What great fun you all had! Loved seeing Noah W levitating during the hokey cokey. ;) Toffee Bear will be missed next year I'm sure. Thank you for sharing these posts with us :) Rae