Monday, 19 January 2015

Jack Frost

We have had a lovely week finding out about frost, ice and icicles.
We explored ice cubes and looked at how they melted and why.
We discovered the warmth of our hands made them melt more quickly.
We added salt, sand or water to see if this would affect the melting process.
We looked carefully and we're able to talk about similarities and differences and what happened when we added something to the ice cube.
We noticed that the ice cube looked like 'snow' when we added salt to it.
We really enjoyed it!
We used shaving foam to make marks in the 'snow'.
We enjoyed using the penguins to climb on the icebergs!
We made snowflakes and icicles using a range of materials. We talked about cold colours.

We were amazed that we could create snowflakes by cutting paper carefully!

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